Fredasterical does M’s ‘Pop Muzik’

My “hit”. I was aiming for a simple, pac-man kind of aesthetic to go with the era and feel of the original song.

p.s., you can also watch this on where it attracted a heap of adulation. Fredasterical is fond of a little adulation.

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4 Comments on “Fredasterical does M’s ‘Pop Muzik’”

  1. sesoduran says:

    Yazoo´s Only you Lip dub:

    (I told we´d do it!) ;)

  2. Seso Durán says:

    Hello Merrie!
    It´d be great to team up with you. An opportunity not to be missed!
    It´s very interesting to get in contact with you, I show your videos to everyone I know! ;)
    This is my blog:
    And my e mail:
    You can also meet me on facebook:
    We can get in touch and talk about what we could do. We are right now preparing a new lip dub, with Yazoo´s “Only you”, and the students are very excited because they are going to pretend they are their parents (as they were in the 80´s) in a new video.
    All the best for you too

  3. sesoduran says:


    This video has been our inspiration for a lip dub with my students in the High School where I work as a music teacher in Moaña, Spain.

    Congratulations, your work is just great!

    • Fredasterical says:

      Hello Sesoduran. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your lovely message. I’m very flattered to be an inspiration! You made my day! Thank you for the compliment.

      Please let your students know that I loved their video. Their personalities really shined, which, in my opinion, is the most important element in a lipsynch video. I know it’s tricky due to time and place, but it would be a lot of fun to team up with them on another project. What would they (and you) think about that? Long-distance, of course.

      I’m currently finishing a PhD in music/cultural theory on the subject of lipsynching and would love to hear more about the making of your video if you have the time.

      All the best for now.

      Fredasterical (a.k.a. Merrie)

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