I may have spoken too soon about the relatively benign nature of the reactions to Beyonce’s performance (see below): I just read an article and comments in the Guardian that are pretty unforgiving. While I still say the reaction is not nearly as toxic as what Britney or Ashlee have endured, it’s perhaps too early to draw conclusions. I’ll be interested to see how this all plays out in the coming weeks.

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2 Comments on “Update”

  1. Ned says:

    I think the difference in the temperature of the reaction is affected not only by Beyonce’s higher stature as a musician, but by the gravity of the occasion — it seems fitting to demand a higher standard for an inauguration than one might demand for, say, SNL. I do think most of the criticism is overblown — there are plenty of better things to be outraged about. That said, I wish we could find a way to educate the public about how one cannot achieve studio-quality sound in an outdoor space, so maybe people like Beyonce would not feel compelled to haul out the tape.

    • Fredasterical says:

      Yup. The problem is the standard of studio perfection we’ve developed over the years since recorded music became our primary musical experience and language. I don’t think people understand how standards have changed, how our expectations and even our listening habits have changed. I remember going to concerts when I was a teen and hearing people complain about how “it doesn’t sound like the record”. We cant have it both ways. I’m not a fan of professional lipsynching, but I do understand it. And, as you say, until people’s ears and expectations are reeducated it seems a necessary evil.

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